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Pain Relief and Saved from Surgery

I had wrist pain so painful that I was considering early retirement and couldn’t lift objects more then a few pounds or even cut food. I tried steroid injections, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and consulted 3 doctors including a top hospital in the Texas Medical Center – none of which helped or got to the root causes. Two physicians told me I needed surgery. Dr. Mehta made some lifestyle recommendations to reduce inflammation which I did and within a few months the pain went away and I could continue living a normal life. I was so excited I didn’t have to get operated on. I’m grateful to have my life back.

Sam, Houston TX (name changed for privacy reasons)

Lost 20 pounds in 2-3 months without feeling hungry

Functional Medicine has changed my life! Feeling great. Through gluten-free diet, I lost 20 pounds without feeling hungry or stressed. My joint pain and stiffness markedly improved and my energy level increased. Thank you so much for your functional medicine advice, Dr. Mehta!

— Dr. Susan, MD – Texas (name changed for privacy reasons)

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