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Beyond Wellness and Dr. Mehta's VIRTUAL practice helps adults use an integrative approach to wellness and functional medicine throughout the United States. Strategies used may include stress management, sleep management, nutritional changes, physical activity, herbs, botanicals, supplements, etc. for those who believe they deserve better health and MOTIVATED to improve their quality of life.


To empower patients to go Beyond Wellness using both ancient wisdom and the modern science. To create a safe setting for patients to discuss their most pressing health concerns and work as a team to dig deeper and find hidden and clear stressors blocking their path to optimum health.


To teach (Latin docere related to the word "doctor") our patients how to take responsibility for their health and to guide them in their journey to wellness using various lifestyle tools and methods.

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Purchase your professional grade supplements
Purchase your professional grade supplements
Purchase your professional grade supplements

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I had wrist pain so painful that I was considering early retirement and couldn’t lift...

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Functional Medicine has changed my life! Feeling great. Through gluten-free diet, I lost 20 pounds...