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If you are unable to keep your scheduled follow-up appointment, you must notify our office a minimum of 72 hours before your scheduled time or you may be charged for that appointment.

If waiting for lab test results – we recommend reserving follow-up appointments about 2 weeks after results are sent to the practitioner to give time for the clinician to review them. This time frame is typically 3-6 weeks after the lab specimen is collected – ask the lab for further details as lab processing times vary and may change.

New Patient Case Review 50-55 minute appointments have a ONE week cancellation or rescheduling policy as it usually involves several hours of preparation to review the 20+ pages of forms in addition to the most recent labs submitted.

This also allows enough time to fill this slot with another patient. Any cancellation or rescheduling change less then 1 week prior to the Case Review appointment will be charged the full case review fee and rescheduling will be at the hourly rate.


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