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Insurance companies DON’T reimburse for the quality of time to investigate your history, health, labs, supplements, and lifestyle. Beyond Wellness does NOT contract with any healthcare plan or insurance plan. CareCredit, Medicare, Medicaid, federal government plans, state government plans, payment plans and insurance are NOT accepted by Health Beyond Wellness. 

Most Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Spending Accounts (HSA) funds can be used to pay for care at Health Beyond Wellness such as labs, supplements, and consults. We encourage all patients to investigate, in advance, the requirements governing their specific HSA/FSA plans.

We do NOT bill insurance companies; each individual must find out on their own whether their insurance plan provides reimbursement for consultations, supplements and lab tests.

We can provide CPT codes and ICD 10 codes on a superbill that can be submitted to insurance for for possible reimbursement after the office has received the payment for services and products due. Please call customer service on the back of your card to receive instructions how to submit a claim. Beyond Wellness is NOT responsible for any insurance claims that fail to get coverage or discount. Any in-depth paperwork will be billed at the practitioner’s hourly rate.

Most labs such as stool, urine, saliva, and specialty bloodwork are NOT covered since functional medicine DOESN’T lobby insurance companies for coverage and the insurance companies are slow to accept the latest testing. Since functional medicine is considered elective and preventative by the insurance industry they do NOT cover it.

We do everything possible to make Functional Medicine affordable and many patients are normal working people who want to improve their health and function.


Our patients tell us the value of care they receive at Health Beyond Wellness far exceeds the costs involved. Investing in your health, family, and future can be a priceless investment.

According to recent American Medical Association (AMA) surveys,  insurance based practitioners spend 20 hours on average weekly on insurance administrative tasks and 3 weeks per year dealing with insurance,  in addition to patient care. At Health Beyond Wellness we focus instead to spend those hours weekly on keeping up to date with the latest health research and focusing on patient care.



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