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Dr. Mehta is NOT a medical doctor and does NOT prescribe medication for functional medicine patients. She does NOT service medical emergencies, take call, diagnose, or issue protocols for any specific diseases. The first two years of her doctorate education includes General Anatomy and Physiology (including cadaver lab), Biochemistry, Microbiology (with lab), Immunology, Histology (with lab), Neuroanatomy, and General Pharmacology similar to the first 2 years of coursework that an Medical Doctor (MD), Osteopathic Doctor (DO), DDS (Dentist), etc. would cover. The last 2 years are focused on clinical care and ocular health.

She is Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Optometry.  Her postgraduate education and training includes Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

She does NOT practice medicine, does NOT diagnose or treat medical conditions or disease.  Dr. Mehta focuses on helping you promote and improve optimal health and function. Her services do NOT replace or substitute those of a primary care provider but rather to complement your health care team. It is best to consider her a consultant in your wellness team (which might include others such as yoga teacher, massage therapist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, etc.)

If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your local emergency room and/or primary care provider. You are expected to have a primary care practitioner for prescriptions, screenings, etc.

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