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New Patient Case Review: $395 (50-60 minutes of phone consult). Includes reviewing 20+ pages of forms and most recents labs (past year) and formulating a personalized plan for the patient.

Follow Up Calls (Existing Patients only)

60 min: $349

45 min: $263
30 min: $175

Most patients are working people who want to become healthier. How much patients may spend depends on the complexity of the dysfunction(s), lab test(s) required, and combination of nutraceuticals and botanicals needed during treatment. We do everything possible to make Functional Medicine affordable.

Functional medicine patients often find their productivity at work and relationships at home improve when their health improves. Functional medicine may seem expensive but chronic sickness and dysfunction is often costlier because of loss of productivity at work and home. Sickness creates a lot of stress in relationships.

Many people visit weekly or several times a week chiropractors, personal trainers, massage therapists, and/or acupuncturists charging $125-$200 per hour and can often give some relief.  However, often this doesn’t address the causes of pain, inflammation and discomfort. As the body heals with functional medicine, often the need and frequency for these services drops significantly resulting in cost-saving.

The analogy of functional medicine: Functional medicine is like taking the pebbles out of your shoe so your foot doesn’t hurt anymore – improving pain and normalizing inflammation. Traditional medicine wants to give a bandage (often in the forms of surgery and medication) without even acknowledging, looking for, or removing the pebbles in the shoe.

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